Friday, September 11, 2009

im only a little girl.. quite a long time i didn't post anything here. (heheh bape hari jer). all about a limited time to write something in my blog. Let me share with you some of my duty for a weekdays..
starting from monday to friday- im never think all of this will come in just a second. So manything i had learned. Now im handling a management of the office, also including an accountant to the company then as a content development, last two month before as a graphic designer hahaha see so tamak sume nk uat. also one thing as a student. Someday i lost my confident but my fiance always remind me about this word....

"Whatever come to you it will make you stronger"
justface it. Do and try your best, take this opportunity as your experience in work. Don't blame to your boss or others. As long as you be in a right track you will done it properly.
last 3 days, i received a latter from IPS. Title : Graduate research fund. _paper presentation.
Thank you Allah for giving me this chance. My application was approved from IPS. even the invitation was sliped away, but i still have an opportunity to join and gain the knowledge in my research area. I accept this challage to improve myself and getting more information in worldwide. heart breathing again. I had lose one but HE give a lot. Alhamdulillah.
only me as a receiver the fund but the rest still not receive yet. Meanwhile my journey begin by my own traveling to other country. Luckily, one student from UPM also join this conference and only she from KL. Just an hour my conversation on phone with tan, she very happy known me as one of the participant of ICCE2009 too. i was found my friend finally. Hope the beginning until last will be a save jouney. -amin-
p/s: the conference starting on 30 november (my birthday) until 4th Dec 2009.

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