Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010...

This morning ..just early in the morning around 7am (01.01.10) i got 1 message from my big Boss.

Boss : "yantie, free x arini. Perlu meeting & amik tindakan segera pasal new project".

me: >What??? hihi i reply " ok, can we meet after 10am?" (sebab nk layan tido dlu then basuh bj)

Boss : ok see you there.

My holiday actually not in holiday mood. Im just sitting and thinking what will happen after 10am. There are a lot of thing will do and will make sure its is complete by before 9 january 2010. Oh no....

But whatever situation im must said "yess" no answer by 'no'.. hoping so.

after 2 hours discussion with Boss, finally i make a decision...

me : Boss i think i cannot make it by my own. Im just get the offer letter from PPPJJ USM my application as a Graduate Assistance was successfull. So, i must pay 50% of my attention on PPPJJ and 50% on my master. I think i cannot do all of this job. Let me suggest someone to replace my work boss.

boss: emmm (taking about 2 minute on thinking)

me: How bout mai boss? I think she can make it all. She just pass up 10 copies of Thesis. So i think she free now and looking for the job. Let she replace my position and i will help in content development part. How ??

Boss: it a good idea.

Me : Alhamdulillah. Finally i will reduce a little bit of my work load and start to pay my attention on my master. (go yantie)

thank you Allah for giving me and my friends this opportunity. =)

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