Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Percaya atau tidak, saya telah mendapat invitation untuk 1-1 mentoring session with Prof Peter Reimann dari Universiti Sydney, Australia (Dean ICT CoCo, research center). Then 1 org antara 3 orang yang terpilih untuk mengikuti sesi ini di Hong Kong huwaa~~ memamg best bile dgr dapat offer camni lagi2 bile terfikir untuk uat attachment kat sana. Namun semua ni hnylah angan jer kot sbb fund dari IPS ssh nk dapat so terpaksa saya lepaskan camtu jer. klu nk pegi mau dekat 5k kn bawak. InsyaAllah rezeki Allah tu banyak. Klu pegi mesti terbelit sikit lidah saya nanti hehehhe. kat bawah ni saya sertakan invitation tersebut :

Invitation to participate in a 1-1 mentoring session within the context of ICCE2009 DSC

fromFu-Yun Yu <>
dateWed, Aug 26, 2009 at 8:34 AMsubjectInvitation to participate in a 1-1 mentoring session within the context of ICCE2009
hide details Aug 26 (2 days ago)

Dear Noorizdayantie :
I am glad to announce that a new component/activity has been added to this year's DSC. To extend our support and guidance to PhD students with great potential in a more exclusive and personal fashion, in addition to the regular presentation-style DSC format, this year we are introducing another format for DSC--1-1 mentoring. Three round tables will be formed and conducted at the same time for each of the following themes this year: CSCL; Advanced Learning Technologies, Open Contents, and Standards; and CUMTEL.
You have been chosen to have the privilege of interacting with and receiving feedback from one of the finest researchers in CSCL. I am glad that Peter Reimann, Professor from the University of Sydney, has accepted my invitation to serve this important role. Feedback on your accepted paper by the ICCE2009 (Short paper, THE ONLINE PROBLEM BASED LEARNING: THE EFFECT OF COLLABORATION TOWARDS THE CONSTRUCTION OF KNOWLEDGE IN THE WIKI) will be received from Peter and questions will be answered by Peter in a devoted 30-minute session (no presentation needed, all face-to-face interaction, by invitation only).
You are one of the three persons that have been carefully chosen by me to have this very rare opportunity with Peter. As this will be part of this year's DSC activity, it will be part of pre-conference events. The DSC coordinators and local organizer of ICCE2009 will work together to make sure that the schedule of both DSC activities are not in conflict with each other. I will need to receive your prompt confirmation on this invitation.

Best regards,
fuyun, Suluan & Yoneo
DSC coordinators, ICCE2009

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